Enjoyable Activities to do with People with Alzheimer’s

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Watching a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s can be a difficult experience, causing family and friends to shorten visits. Dropping by for a cup of coffee and casual conversation isn’t as easy as it once was and the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s can often lead to frustration and upset for family and friends, making for an unpleasant visit for everyone.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite ways to make visiting your loved one battling Alzheimer’s more pleasant and less uncomfortable while giving them cognitively challenging, engaging, and enjoyable activities to enjoy together.

Music therapy is a great way to get your senior moving and spark a forgotten memory that will bring some joy to their day. Play their favorite genre of music or maybe there’s an artist they’ve always loved listening to. If they’re able, have them show you some popular dance moves that they used to love doing. Maybe they have a record player that’s itching for some vinyl. Start a conversation about the music, ask them what they like about the song or what it reminds them of.

Take a walk down memory lane. Breaking out old photo albums and memorabilia can sometimes help a person recall earlier memories. Having the chance to relive precious moments and discuss happier times in their life can bring such joy to a person.

Tap into their interests. Look to the person’s past interest and even careers for activities they will enjoy. Maybe they used to work with cars or volunteer at an animal shelter. Try taking them to a car show or for a walk near the dog park so they can experience all the cute pups running around. Choosing activities that align with past interests or experiences will allow the person to easily tap into memories and skills that they haven’t used in a while

Get out of the house. Don’t confine your visits to the home. If your loved one is still able to get out and about, find activities around town. Catch a movie or visit a new shop. Take them to their favorite restaurant or check out the new exhibit at the museum. Even taking a walk to the local ice cream shop is enough to get some fresh air and exercise.

Try not to get frustrated. The point of your visits isn’t to achieve anything but rather to engage your loved one in thoughtful conversation and activities and give them the support they need during this difficult time in their lives. Need help caregiving for your loved one? Learn more about our Adult Foster Care and Group Adult Foster Care caregiving services.

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