How MetroCare Performs Home Care Assessments

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Although we are always ready to jump into our work with two feet, when it comes to ensuring our members are given the most personalized care and attention, we want to be as thorough as possible. Maintaining your independence while still getting the care you need is our top priority, that’s why we perform industry-leading home care assessments on all our members. Here’s how our assessments work.

You tell us

We start by hearing it straight from the source—YOU! What are the daily stressors that are causing you to lose your independence? Maybe it’s folding laundry or grocery shopping or possibly dressing, or maybe you’ve had a difficult time with social interactions or finding hobbies for yourself. Think of it like we’re constructing your own personal roadmap. Your roadmap will help you understand how our caregivers will be assisting you throughout your day while also laying out for us how exactly you’d like to be cared for.

Home visit

Once we’ve got an idea as to how you’d like your care to be managed, we head over to your home to see how exactly we plan on managing this care. With you taking the lead, we’ll begin to assess any safety hazards or areas of concern in your home, like steep staircases or uneven flooring. This also gives us an opportunity to see how you’re currently living, allowing us to pinpoint areas where we are most needed.

 Let’s get to it

It’s that simple! Our goal is to get you the care you need as soon as possible, and once that roadmap is laid out then we’re ready to start providing you with the care you need ASAP. In fact, you can have one of our trained caregivers begin visiting you in your home as soon as tomorrow!

For more information on our Adult Foster Care program visit our website or call us at 413-729-4499

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