Thumbs up for MetroCare! Our Caregiver tells us about his positive experience with our AFC program

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We had the chance to chat with MetroCare of Springfield’s Adult Foster Care (AFC) Caregiver Charlie Holmes and learn about the positive experience he’s had with our AFC program over the past few years.

MetroCare of Springfield: What has your experience been like with MetroCare of Springfield?

Charlie: My experience has been phenomenal. I feel totally comfortable [with MetroCare of Springfield]. I’ve tried these sorts of programs many times before with different agencies but I never got past the application process. It was frustrating. But with MetroCare of Springfield, I got the care I needed and everything went smoothly.

MetroCare of Springfield: What does AFC mean for the individuals you care for?

Charlie: They tell me thank you. They explain to me how they feel safe with MetroCare of Springfield.

Watch Charlie’s full interview with MetroCare below! Want to learn more about our AFC program and other services? Contact us here!

Click the photo to watch!

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