The Benefits of Home Care

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There’s no place like home. There’s something about an unfamiliar hospital room or nursing home dining room that just doesn’t feel the same as your cozy bed or comfy eat-in kitchen. Aging comes with a loss of independence, and depending on the senior’s caregiving situation, professional medical attention may be needed throughout the day. This leaves seniors with a big decision to make when it comes to their care—nursing home or home care. notes a recent study by the American Geriatrics Society, reporting that the change in routine, independence, and easy access to friends and family caused by assisted living facilities has led to senior depression in approximately 40 percent of nursing home residents.

Home care allows seniors to maintain their independence by remaining in their own homes. Assistance is provided to seniors looking to continue with their daily living activities. This may include help with laundry, preparing meals, tidying up the home, and driving to appointments. Home care has also been shown to reduce falls and lower the chances of hospital readmissions.

Some home health care programs provide more specific care based on the individual. A trained Caregiver may be asked to monitor the senior’s medication and assist with wound care, while other programs can provide physical and occupational therapy equal to hospital care. Assistance with bathing, toileting, and other personal care regimens may be performed by the caregiver, as well.

One of the most important things a home care program can provide is comfort. Caregivers are understanding individuals there to guide and reassure the senior during the difficult journey of aging. Seniors are able to receive the attention they deserve. Caregivers can take the time needed to learn about their seniors and their lifestyle, becoming an important piece of the person’s life.

MetroCare of Springfield strives to improve the quality of life for those we serve through the delivery of compassionate care. The trained caregivers throughout our Adult Foster Care and Group Adult Foster Care program provide both 24/7 care and home visits to ensure seniors are able to remain at home and maintain their independence.

MetroCare of Springfield knows that everyone’s caregiving situation is unique and advise all seniors and families to do their own research, talk to their doctors, and make decisions regarding senior care based on what’s best for the individual—whether that’s choosing a home care service or an assisted living facility. To learn more about the home health care programs provided by MetroCare of Springfield click here.

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