Springfield Woman Unites the Community Through Family and Passion

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We sat down with Sol Ríos, a Springfield community advocate, volunteer, and the subject of the latest mural on Dwight Street in Springfield Massachusetts. She talked to us about what makes Springfield a great community to live in and how far working together and treating others like family can go.

Betzaida: Hello, my name is Betzaida Lopez of MetroCare of Springfield, where we care about the community and the people of Springfield. I’m going to introduce you to Sol Ríos, who is the person that appears on the mural on Springfield’s Dwight Street.

Sol Ríos: My name is Sol Maria Ríos and I live in Springfield. What I like about this community is that it makes its people feel like they are home, like in Puerto Rico.

My passion is to help people work together and to collaborate with people of different backgrounds. To me, everyone is connected, we are all like family.

MetroCare of Springfield feels like it comes from us, the people. They help so many people of this community, creating a community that feels like home. In a lot of ways, the mural on Dwight street expresses just that—a united peoples, everyone is in it together, one union no matter the color, no matter the country you came from.

MetroCare of Springfield is always striving for the community to feel connected. What I like most about the community of Springfield is that there are many programs for its people. This all connects with something that I’ve been taught since I was little—help the ones who need it.

 It’s been a pleasure to help MetroCare of Springfield and do my part for the community. I feel proud to be Puerto Rican and to be able to help people of any race.

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