How Grandchildren Can Help With Caregiving

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Grandparents and grandchildren have a special relationship. It’s kind of like having a second set of parents, minus all the rules but twice the fun! Your grandparents have always been there to take care of you but when the inevitable stages of aging hit, grandkids can be left feeling helpless. Regardless of age, here are a few ways grandkids can be a part of the caregiving process.

The simple act of visiting your grandparent is enough to avoid the effects of isolation, something seniors are more prone to. Even just a 15-minute visit is enough to brighten your grandparent’s day. If visiting them in person isn’t an option right now, make a point to check in with your grandparent through call or video chat. Bring over their favorite pastry and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with them. The little ones can even make it a tea party with grandma and grandpa while they enjoy their company!

Helping with caregiving doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s as simple as getting grandma a glass of water to take with her medication or offering to help grandpa fold the laundry is all it takes. It’s the small acts that can help make their day easier and give them an opportunity to rest during the day.

Get your grandparent out of the house! There are so many easy and stress-free ways to get them outside for some fresh air! A trip to the grocery store can give them the help they need and cut their shopping time in half. Try venturing over to the park for some exercise and vitamin D!

Pick a game any game. Maybe there’s a favorite board game that your grandparent enjoys or a card game they always loved. Try something new between the two of you and learn together. Games are a great way to give the brain some exercise but also great fun and lasting memories.

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