Guide to the Best Medical Alert Systems

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We’ve all been there before…We’re doing what we can to stay active and healthy, eating the right foods, getting some exercise, trying to be the epitome of good health. And then one day we suddenly trip and fall over ourselves. Unfortunately for seniors, a fall isn’t just a fall. It means injury and disappointment from a family who now feels it’s unsafe for their loved one to be home alone. is the leading online destination for those seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones. They offer free expert help to families coping with the many challenges of caring for an aging loved one. recently created a guide to help people access the information they need about assistive technologies for fall prevention and to help seniors and their families make informed decisions. The site conducted over 400+ hours of research to narrow down which medical alert systems are best-in-class for 2021, looking at categories like the best system to use without a landline to which are hands-free systems.

The guide notes findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reporting that one out of every four older adults falls every year. Of those falls, the CDC reported that 20 percent are serious, resulting in a broken bone, head trauma, or a similar injury. We narrowed down’s guide and chose our top three picks for medical alert systems that could help you or your senior out of a sticky situation. You can check out’s entire list of the best medical alert systems in their full guide.

1. Bay Alarm Medical. We are loving Bay Alarm Medical for its expert customer service. Plus, they have a slew of cool devices that go beyond the conventional medical alert necklace, like their SOS Smart Watch and GPS Help Button.

2. Aloe Care Health. Aloe Care Health’s website refers to itself as the “world’s most advanced medical alert system”. Their remote caregiving features allow them to stand above a lot of the other medical alert systems out there. The voice-activated Smart Hub or Care Button allows seniors to directly connect to the 24/7 Emergency Response Center while the app lets caregivers stay connected by providing real-time updates and the ability to make App-to-Hub calls.

3. Medical Alert. Medical Alert makes affording a medical alert system easy. We are impressed by their low startup costs and promotions. Their easy-to-use systems come in a variety of options to suit your lifestyle.’s extensive research of the best medical alert systems breaks down the top performers for 2021. Be sure to read through the must-know finds on their list before making a choice!

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