8 Gadgets That Make Independent Living Easier

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Generation Z has TikTok and Millennials have their electric cars. But while these generations are tinkering with social media and worshipping Elon Musk, you seniors have figured out how to age gracefully! We’ve chatted with our favorite seniors to discover what gadgets they’re using to make independent living a breeze.

  1. Ring doorbell. Ever hear your doorbell ring and immediately want to hide behind the curtains? Ring is a doorbell camera system that provides real-time notifications to your smart device when visitors ring your bell or even trigger a motion sensor. You won’t have to worry about opening the door to unwanted intruders or solicitors, and you can even keep an eye on deliveries. Our favorite part about Ring is that you can speak to your visitors anytime, anywhere so if you’re not comfortable answering the door you can simply talk through the app.

  1. Deluxe shopping cart. This is no ordinary shopping cart. This innovative cart by Drive includes an outward folding seat! Maybe you need a quick break in the middle of all your errands or need to take a seat while you wait for the bus. This lightweight shopping cart has it all, plus it’s easy to store and transport.

  1. Tile stickers. Forgetting where you put the remote and your wallet is now a thing of the past! Tile allows you to stick their removable stickers on a slew of easily lost items and find them in seconds. Just stick the Tile to the item, whether that be a phone, wallet, or remote. When you realize you’ve misplaced it, the Tile app will tell you where to locate it.

  1. Hero digital pill dispenser. Manage medication a whole lot better with this pill dispenser. Think of Hero like a vending machine for medication. Load up your daily medication and Hero will dispense what you need at just the right time by programming medication names and times into its easy-to-use mobile app.

  1. iGuardStove. One of the most dangerous things for you and your household is forgetting to turn off the stove. The iGuardStove automatically shuts off the stove after 5 minutes of no one being in the kitchen and you can even disable the stove from unauthorized use. iGuardStove sends text alerts to warn you of situations that might need your attention ASAP. You or a Caregivers can monitor kitchen activity remotely through the app.

  1. STITCH Smart Door and Window Sensor. STITCH offers a wide variety of smart devices that give you, Caregivers, and loved ones peace of mind that you are safe and well taken care of. The STITCH Smart Door and Window Sensor attaches right to your windows and doors to monitor if they are properly closed. You’ll never have to worry about the cat getting out, the rain getting in, or an unwanted guest sneaking by.

  1. Uccello Electric Safety Kettle. Never let your aching joints get in the way of a good cup of tea again! No matter what you plan on making, this easy-to-use kettle makes pouring hot water effortless. Once the water is heated there’s no need to lift the kettle. The construction allows you to simply tilt the kettle forward for easy, lift-free pouring.


  1. Birdie Personal Safety Alarm. Whether you’re walking to your car alone or waiting at the bus stop, safety is always a concern. The Birdie Personal Safety Alarm helps deter an attack by activating the super loud 130db siren and flashing strobe light. Small and compact, you can store your Birdie in your purse, clip it to your keys, or hook it to your belt loop.

Independent living does not have to be limiting. These eight items can not only make your life easier but give you and your loved one peace of mind that you are safe and well taken care of. Learn more about how our Group Adult Foster Care and Adult Foster Care programs can assist you or your loved one with achieving their independent living lifestyle.

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