5 Reasons Why Seniors Need to Volunteer

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Whether you’re 16 or 65, there’s no denying volunteering feels pretty darn good. The benefits of volunteering stretch far beyond providing the hungry with food or the sick with comfort (although that sounds pretty great to us!). Most especially seniors can benefit from the positive health effects of volunteering. Here are five reasons why every senior should consider volunteering.

Reduce stress. Doctor appointments, medication reminders, aches and pains. Aging can bring about a lot of stress, which doesn’t help in the fight for a healthier lifestyle. Let’s not forget, stress can lead to health issues like high blood pressure and loss of much-needed sleep. Volunteering allows you an opportunity to focus on something and someone other than yourself and your situation. It’s a chance to set your mind on a task to complete, knowing the result will ultimately help others.

Stop loneliness. Aging can be a lonely journey. It may feel like everyone is going on living their lives without you, especially for seniors living independently. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and connect with others over common interests and goals. Volunteer work is rarely done solo so there’s plenty of opportunities to meet new faces and form connections. Who knows! You may meet someone who becomes your regular coffee date buddy or a pal who’d be willing to go on your daily walks with you!

Test the brain. Most of the time volunteer work expects participants to help with various tasks that are normally not part of the person’s daily life, like distributing meals to the homeless or reading to young children at the library, or even knitting blankets for premature babies. Volunteer work is the best way to keep your brain on its toes! The various tasks, activities, and problem-solving scenarios expose you to new things, giving your brain a chance to put in some work! Read about our other ways to make your brain stronger as you age.

Adds joy. It can be tough to wake up each morning with no direction, especially if you are living independently and have no one to guide you; A hopeful day of productivity can easily turn into 8 hours in front of a TV. Volunteering gives a person a sense of purpose. It’s the idea that you are doing something bigger than yourself and for the greater good that will help propel you out of bed each morning.

Feeling of satisfaction. Job well done. After a couple of hours of volunteering, you have left your mark on the day. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you helped make a difference in the world today.

Sites like VolunteerMatch.org can help connect you with the best volunteer opportunities in your area, with a variety of categories to choose from to suit your interests!

The Caregivers that make up our Group Adult Foster Care and Adult Foster Care program encourage their seniors to embrace new opportunities, while our caseworkers work hard to match our members with various resources throughout their community. Learn more about what it means to be a MetroCare of Springfield member!

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