4 Gifts to Brighten Your Senior's Day

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We could all use a pick-me-up, a little something in our day that reminds us that we have people in our life who support and care about us. What’s a close second to being reminded how awesome you are? Being the person who does the reminding!

Make your senior’s day with these little goodies to remind them they have you by their side. From something sweet to something inspiring, our list has a gift idea for everyone in your life.

Mrs. Fields Cookie Variety Box

It doesn’t matter how old you are, a cookie makes everything better! These 48 bite-sized cookies are perfect for enjoying with a nice cup of tea or a tall glass of milk! The cookies come in a neat vintage Mrs. Fields Vintage Carrier inspired by the company’s original storefront.

Photo credit: Mrs. Fields


Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

 Think of these as bath bombs for the shower. This beautifully packaged box of 6 shower bombs comes in scents like lavender, eucalyptus, and grapefruit, perfect aromas for a relaxing shower. Place the bomb on the shower floor or on a shelf away from a constant stream of water and let the bomb do the rest!

Photo credit: Amazon

Tea Drops

Nothing like a nice cup of tea to warm the soul. Tea Drops make it easy and fun to enjoy a nice cup of tea wherever you are. This Tea Drop sampler comes in a reusable wood box complete with 9 of Tea Drops’ best sellers. These cute little drops come in flavors like Citrus Ginger, Sweet Peppermint, and Unsweetened Hibiscus Glow. Just throw them into your favorite mug of hot water and enjoy!

Photo credit: Tea Drops


Sweet Succulent Heart Garden

 Succulents are way more than their good looks. These little plants are known for improving air quality in the home! We love how easy these plants are to care for, so regardless of how good a green thumb your senior has, they’ll have no trouble keeping these beauties alive. Available in large or small, this little garden brings life to any coffee table, tabletop, or counter.


Photo credit: 1-800 Flowers.com

 Remember, a gift is just one small way of showing a person you care. A simple call or text can be just what a person needs to infuse happiness into their day. Even better, stopping by for a nice chat, a cup of coffee, and a big ol’ hug can be better than anything they can unwrap.

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