What You Need to Know about Adult Foster Care Programs

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We break down what an adult foster care program is all about and what you and your loved one need to know before choosing a service.

What is an adult foster care program?

An adult foster care program (AFC) is a service provided to clients by a qualified caregiver, whether they be a relative or a member of the community living within the same qualified setting (home). With the approval of the client’s primary care physician, the caregiver helps the client with daily living activities, like dressing, bathing, eating, feeding, as well as laundry, shopping, transportation, and more. Caregivers work with a team of registered nurses and case managers to ensure the best quality care is given to clients.

The mission of an AFC program is to provide clients with care and support that will allow them to remain independent within the comfort of their own home and without the need for long-term hospital stays or nursing home care.

What sort of services does an AFC program provide?

An AFC program is overseen by a series of case managers, clinical care management teams, and registered nurses, ensuring the caregiver has all the resources needed to meet the client’s daily health care needs. These teams work directly with the caregiver and the client’s primary care physician to give the client the proper medical attention they need on a daily basis and ensure the caregiver is providing their client with access to all available resources within the community.

Why is an AFC program a better option than a nursing home or long-term hospital care?

An AFC program provides clients with the care they need from the comfort of their own home. Clients are given individualized attention while still maintaining their independence.

What are some other benefits of an AFC program?

Not only can clients take advantage of quality care from the comfort of their own home, but with an AFC program, clients have direct access to available resources within their community, like referrals for mental health specialists, financial and fuel assistance, and more.

With an AFC program, teams are constantly reviewing the client’s plan of care, ensuring goals are met, and new strategies and interventions are being implemented to improve the client’s overall health—this can range from the introduction of assistive devices to meal planning.

What sort of client would benefit the most from an AFC program?

Clients who can manage certain aspects of their daily life while still needing the support of a caregiver for other health-related tasks have the most to benefit from an AFC program.

Are AFC programs safe and reliable?

All AFC programs are directly managed and approved by state insurance and must follow strict requirements and guidelines from the state. AFC programs will also work with accredited companies to ensure all healthcare laws are met and in compliance.  An AFC program will always consult with the client’s primary care physician before proceeding with any health care plan.

What sort of training does an AFC caregiver receive?

The caregiver is mandated by the state to meet certain requirements, which includes eight hours of initial training provided by an AFC admission team, as well as a Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities-mandated training at least three times a year.

How does one qualify for an AFC program?

Individuals who require hands-on assistance with daily activities or require cueing and supervision throughout activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, feeding, and transfer would qualify for an AFC program. Clients can ask their healthcare providers for available AFC services in their area or by calling an AFC program’s office directly to request services.

What sets MetroCare of Springfield’s AFC program apart from other programs?

MetroCare of Springfield creates a comfortable and trusting environment for the client, giving them the reassurance that our AFC program meets all state insurance requirements. MetroCare of Springfield manages clients with a top multi-disciplinary team that works together to provide the best guidance and advocacy for them.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about MetroCare of Springfield’s AFC program and other services, call us directly at 413-729-4499, send us an email at info@metrocarespringfield.com, or fill out a quick form on our website here.

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